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released April 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Crisscross Albatross Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Sandcastle Kings
The Usurper king wore an iron crown
The bloodline wore that of gold
In castles of sand their kingdom fell
To the tears of an angry ocean

A full rotation and the queen hid her face
The bloodline bled out the lust
Empty beds and backwards heads
Loose limbed and shades combust

Here we go again

The thief inside can steal a name
And bring the hand grim justice
When Royalty reins there’s growing pains
But in the end we trust less

As the castle erodes, we set up our camp
The bloodline ventures home
We cut a tree for chairs and before we could sit
The Usurper claims the throne

Here we go again

Why do you still build your castles
When the tide it comes to knock them down?
Like clockwork the hour is coming
For the queen to break new ground.

And I know only what spiders can tell me
And I see only what my eyes can see
A lie on the lips of every kiss she blows
But who receives it only the wind may know

The queen killed the kings oh the queen killed the kings of old…
Track Name: With Only Dust Left On The Table Tops
She’s dancing on the tabletops laughing
And throws her skirt and shoes across the room
Feel the soul of James Brown through the speakers
And everybody’s digging on the groove

I don’t want to cry
It’s just my puzzled eyes
They don’t know what else to do
When I’m stuck here staring into
The blue

The water’s running sweeter than it should be
And I’m afraid of what I’m gonna say
She’s throwing stones in her glass house and singing
“I just wanna bang on the drum all day”

I don’t want to make a scene
It’s just my lungs can barely breath
They just don’t know what else to do
Drawing in the air right beside you

I don’t want to cry
It’s just my puzzled eyes
They just don’t know what else to do
They see all of life when they see you
Track Name: Scales
Look at my scales, she says look at my scales
I’m so much prettier than you
You and your fur I could just eat you alive
And all your silly mice friends too

Lend me an ear, she says lend me an ear
And lend me your paws while you’re at it
I had a favor but it’s an order now
Tend to my scales tiny savage

She looked in his eyes, his beady mouse eyes
So deep she could see his mouse soul
His heart raced much faster “Attention? Yes Master!”
She smiled as her new slave enrolled

She slithered, he scampered, that serpent such a vamper
But lust gives a blinded eye
He built her a boat to cross lakes, streams, and oceans
But she always left him on the other side

One day he awoke, no cheese and no smokes
She said they were awful habits
“Cheese is for blokes and smoke makes me choke,
Throw them to the curb, I won’t have it.”

The mouse put his paw down and said “I beg your pardon?
You have no control over me.”
She stood there stunned speechless her venom drip ceases
“How could a mouse ever flout me?”

And oh what he cannot feel is an awful lie
It’s just far too real to be smoke in his eyes
But the serpent too has a weaker side
When she sheds her skin she’s black and white